During the USPA Board of Governors Meeting held in April, the Equine Welfare Committee was instructed to revise the USPA Equine Drugs and Medications Rules (EDMR). The previous rules limited the testing laboratory to the Unites States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Laboratory, and due to a number of issues, the USPA chose to not renew its contract with USEF for 2018. The revised rules replace all references to “USEF Laboratory” with “USPA Designated Laboratory”. All other testing rules, process and procedures will remain unchanged at this time. Any questions about the USPA Equine Drugs and Medications Program can be sent to equinewelfare@uspolo.org.

The USPA will impose no penalty for the administration of the following classes of
medications to polo horses:
1. Antibiotics, antiprotozoals
2. Dewormers
3. Hormonal therapies in mares (e.g. Regumate®, altrenogest)
4.Anti-Ulcer medications(e.g.Gastrogard®/ Ulcergard®, Cimetidine, Ranitidine)
5. Salicylic Acid (Aspirin)
6. Isoxuprine
The USPA neither supports nor condones excessive dosages and/or introduction of
non-therapeutic levels ofthe above PermittedMedications and/or vitamins andminerals
for performance enhancing purposes. See Rule 3.3.4, below. Responsible Parties are
urgedtoconsulttheirveterinariansforproperdosage levelsconsistent withtheseRules.
2.1 The medicationslisted in Table 1 are allowed by the USPAat the listedAllowable
Blood Levels and therefore are not required to be listed on USPA MedicationReport
The Maximum Dosage and Latest Administration Hour Guidelines in Table 1 are for
informational purposes only.The MaximumAllowable BloodPlasmaLevelsindicated
inTable 1 are incorporated in thisRule 2.1 by reference and therefore any horse testing
in excess of those levels will subject the Responsible Parties under these Rules to a
Conduct Violation charge.
Caution is urged when using compounded medications with varying administration
routes not specified in Table 1. Only the listed administration routes with non- compounded
medications have been evaluated for the dose and time recommendations.
2.2 A horse may not be administered more than one permitted Non-Steroidal AntiInflammatory
Drug (NSAlD) within 72 hours of competition. This rule does not
apply toAspirin

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