USPA Polo Development, LLC hosted a preview clinic of the newly launched Player Performance Analysis program in Indio, California, this past weekend. With strong amateur participation and a competitive tournament season, Kris Bowman, Executive Director of the USPA Polo Development, LLC was eager to share the program with players on the West Coast. Amateurs and professionals alike benefit from the pre-game warm-up, riding pattern analysis and swing analysis.

Participants began with the pregame warm-up program developed by Dr. Gretchen Oliver, director of the Sports Medicine and Movement Laboratory at Auburn University. USPA Polo Development, LLC has worked closely with the Department of Kinesiology at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, and over 25 professional players to identify the muscles used during a polo swing. The warm up program is designed to activate those specific muscles, priming them for maximum efficacy during a match. It includes a variety of exercises ranging from planks on the ground to leg extensions with resistance bands and balancing on an Indo Board. An explanation and demonstration of each exercise is available on


Following the warmup, clinic participants progressed into the riding pattern analysis and swing analysis. Charles Smith, Chair of USPA Polo Development, LLC Board and Hall of Fame inductee, instructed each player to complete the riding pattern once before offering a critique and filming the pattern for a second time. Similarly, participants completed several off-side forehand swings to be analyzed. Following the clinic, Tiger Kneece, former 7-goal player, Mason Wroe and Charles Smith record their analysis of each swing and riding pattern for players to access in their online profile.

In addition to the clinic preview, the USPA Polo Development, LLC staff led a demonstration of the technology and Coaches’ Eye program for instructors and coaches in California. The cutting-edge technology brings polo in line with other mainstream sports who rely on video analysis to teach the foundations of a swing and offer comparisons as the player progresses.

In a great showing of support by the USPA Board of Governors, Pacific Coast Circuit Governor Danny Walker, Pacific Northwest Circuit Governor, Sheryl Sick, Great Plains Circuit Governor, David Ragland, Governor at Large, Denny Geiler, Governor at Large, Scott Walker, USPA Polo Development LLC. board member, David Wenning, and Arena Chairman, Dan Coleman were on hand to launch the program.

All photos ©Kaylee Wroe

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