A meeting was held on Tuesday at the Association of Argentine Polo (AAP), in Pilar, to discuss the topic of visas for the upcoming UK polo season. Currently, Argentines who do not possess an EU passport must have a visa in order to partake in the English polo season. Among those present at the meeting were Eduardo Novillo Astrada, President of the AAP; Marcos Di Paola, President of the AAJP (Argentine Polo Players Association); Mark Kent, British Ambassador in Argentina, and representatives of the Chancellor’s office.

Among the topics discussed, the following were highlighting:
-Ambassador Mark Kent was very keen to help; he stated that he and Renato Carlos Sersale Di Cerisano, Argentine Ambassador in England, have been working together to find a solution for some time.
-Several of those who attended the meeting mentioned that the HPA, leading polo association in England, is not paying attention to any type of complaints about the subject, not even from their own English players. They are also not collaborating with the Polo Players Association (PPA), directed by Richard Tyrone.
-It was commented that several English players are worried about the increased hostility received from Argentines in light of the situation.
-It was very much emphasised that the AAP and the HPA need to work together to enlighten the situation.

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