The finals of the Jindal Panther Cup were played on 14th October 2018 between Jindal Panther Polo team and Riverside Polo team. The match was played at the Jindal Polo farms, Noida. Jindal Panther Polo team played in blue while Riverside Polo team was covered in yellow. Simran Singh Shergill, the founder of Riverside Polo team played against Riverside Polo team in the finals of the Jindal Panther Cup. Two of the strongest teams of the tournament, Jindal Panther and Riverside Polo tried their best to win the cup.

Both the teams played with a total of +8 handicap, so no extra points were given before the match. Jindal Panthers played with Mr Subham (-2), Mr Tom Brodie (+4), Mr Simran Shergill (+6) and Mr Naveen Jindal (0) and Riverside Polo had Mr Mahesh Sharma (+1), Mr Kuldeep Singh (+2), Mr Phil Seller (+2) and Mr Salim Azmi (+3) playing for their team. Jindal Panthers dominated the match until the halftime and didn’t let Riverside polo score a single goal.
Jindal Panthers scored two goals in the first chukker. The score after the first chukker was 2 – 0. Jindal Panthers scored two more goals in the second chukker. The first half ended on a score of 4 – 0. Jindal Panthers were quite dominant in the first half. The second half started and Riverside scored their first goal in the third chukker. Jindal Panthers scored one in the third chukker too. The score after the third chukker was 5 – 1. Riverside Polo scored two goals in the last chukker but they weren’t enough to win. Jindal Panthers scored one goal in the last chukker and the match ended with Jindal Panthers winning the Jindal panther Cup by 6 – 3.

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