Women’s Arena Polo Series

The Ladies Nations Cup marks the series beginning

The Women’s Arena Polo Series is the only ladies’ arena polo tour of its kind in the UK and has been established to provide a platform for ladies’ polo, patrons and players. The Ladies Nations Cup is focused particularly on younger professional players to help give them the exposure they need to showcase their talent and its future ambitions will be to host a number of national teams. The Women’s Arena Polo Series will be played at The Berkshire, Hickstead, Ash Farm and Westcroft Park Polo Club, having started on 25 November with The Ladies Nations Cup and ending on 4 March at Ash Farm Polo Club.
On Sunday 25 November, the inaugural Ladies Nations Cup 2018 saw Flannels England go head-to-head against Kirriemuir Scotland at The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club in the first tournament of the newly launched Women’s Arena Polo Series. Over the season, the new Series will see a total of six women’s arena tournaments played at clubs around the UK. The match was a close affair throughout, with the teams tussling for possession and dominance. As the final bell sounded, Kirriemuir Scotland just clinched the title 12-11. Their Captain Rosie Ross was presented with The Polo Magazine Most Valuable Player award, whilst Kirsty McBride’s pony, Trinidad, was awarded the Polo Times Best Playing Pony rug.
The Women’s Arena Polo Tour are as follows:
December 2018
8 – 9 Hickstead Ladies Tournament, Hickstead Polo Club
January 2019
TBC Westcroft Ladies Tournament, Westcroft Park Polo Club
February 2019
19 – 24 British Open, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club
23 – 26 Minutti Ladies Cup for the Ladies British Open, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club
March 2019
3 – 4 Ash Farm Ladies Tournament, Ash Farm Polo Club
The Ladies Nations Cup Teams:
Flannels England (7): Nell Jacobs (2), Lolly Stanhope-White (3) & Charlotte Sweeney (2)
Kirriemuir Scotland (7): Rosie Ross (3), Kirsty McBride (2) & Izzy McGregor (2)
Photograph: Kirriemuir Scotland defeated Flannels England 12-11 in the inaugural Ladies Nations Cup at RCBPC. By Cymon Skinner Photography

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