East Coast Open Women's Polo Championship winners Women’s International Polo Network (L to R) Cindy Halle, Dawn Jones, Alyson Poor, Anna Winslow.
Inaugural East Coast Open Women’s Polo Championship Winners: Women’s International Polo Network – (L to R) Cindy Halle, Dawn Jones, Alyson Poor, Anna Winslow.

Newport Polo in Newport, Rhode Island, hosted the inaugural East Coast Open Women’s Polo Championship and East Coast Handicap Women’s Polo Championship Sunny Hale Legacy WCT Qualifier tournaments, presented by Dechra Veterinary Products June 27–July 1.

Out of four contenders in the Open bracket, the 18-goal Women’s International Polo Network team made a winning debut with Cindy Halle, Most Valuable Player Dawn Jones, Alyson Poor and Anna Winslow receiving the Sunny Hale Memorial Trophy with a 9-5 win over Boston Avalon. Five teams competed in the handicap bracket, with 12-goal Heiades International Minnie Keating, Hannah Stowe, Lizzie Girard and Most Valuable Player Izzy Parsons overtaking Avalon Farm 7-1 for the Anne Hutchinson Perpetual Trophy.

The commemorative Liberty Bowls presented on Independence Weekend are symbolic of the New England region as the cradle of American democracy. Designed by silversmith and revolutionary hero Paul Revere, the original Liberty bowl, signed by 92 leaders of the rebellion, is on permanent display at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Sunny Hale, whose name is on the Open Memorial Trophy, is remembered as a passionate ambassador for the players and horses of polo and considered to be one of the all-time greatest female polo players and role model for many women in the sport. Hutchinson, whose name is on the Handicap Perpetual Trophy, a champion of civil liberty and toleration in the colonial era, became the first woman to found a community in the New World (Portsmouth, Rhode Island – 1638, home of Newport Polo) and is revered in New England as a heroine of freedom.

East Coast Handicap Women's Polo Championship winners Heiades International (L to R) Minnie Keating, Hannah Stowe, Lizzie Girard, Izzy Parsons.
East Coast Handicap Women’s Polo Championship Winners: Heiades International – (L to R) Minnie Keating, Hannah Stowe, Lizzie Girard, Izzy Parsons.

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The tournaments drew a total of nine teams with top level players from coast-to-coast and overseas and 150 polo horses for spectacular and highly-competitive polo over five days. In addition to competition, the players and their support entourage were welcomed by Discover Newport with a collector’s gift from Rhode Island’s ALEX AND ANI, and enjoyed Newport’s famed attractions including a sponsored sail on the Schooner Madeleine, a tour of the port’s night life, a players dinner at the iconic Clarke Cooke House and culinary favorites throughout the tournament.

Sanctioned by the United States Polo Association, the tournaments are also Women’s Championship Tournament qualifiers for the Sunny Hale Legacy WCT Finals in Wellington, Florida. Noteworthy high-goal players including Dawn Jones introducing the Women’s International Polo Network, Courtney Asdourian, Isabelle Parsons, Paige McCabe, Cindy Halle, Alyson and Amanda Poor, Anna Winslow, Julia Steiner, Tiamo Hudspeth and Athena Malin were among others that traveled to participate.

“We are honored to host these two new women’s polo tournaments, with the best women players from across the U.S. and from several nations around the world,” commented Dan Keating, Westchester Club President and USPA delegate. “These tournaments showcased the achievements of women in the sport of polo, and provide more forums of upper levels of competition for advancing players.”

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