Ylvisaker Cup – Day 9

Bracket 1 and 2 Quarter-Finalists Determined in 2018 Ylvisaker Cup


The final day of group play for teams in Bracket 1 and 2, saw SD Farms, Pilot, Colorado and La Indiana book their spots in Sunday’s quarter-finals as each game was critical in determining the four teams to advance. After a disappointing Joe Barry Cup that saw them finish with a 0-3 record, SD Farms has been the surprise of the tournament thus far, highlighted by their 10-9 victory over a tough Carillon Miami team. A very close game throughout that saw both teams shoot at goal ten times and finish 4 for 6 from the penalty line, the difference was the final chukka as SD Farms dominated possession to outscore Carillon Miami 3-0 to complete their comeback. Carillon Miami needed a victory to advance to the quarterfinals and they were looking to do just that, leading after the first five chukkas. After SD Farms strong final chukka, Hilario Ulloa had a chance to tie the game with a penalty 2 conversion inside the final minute of play but his attempt hit the post and sealed the victory for SD Farms. Despite scoring 7 goals, Ulloa was unable to lead Carillon Miami into the semi-finals as SD Farms continued their run in the Ylvisaker Cup.


The second game saw two of the top teams in Bracket 1 and 2 as undefeated Colorado squared off against 2-1 Pilot, with both teams looking to secure the top seed in their half of the tournament. Playing the perfect two-man game, Gonzalito and Facundo Pieres were difficult to stop on the day as they used a series of lay-offs to build their attack, ultimately finding space to make a run to goal. The duo finished with a combined 10 goals, in a very effective offensive display. On the other hand, Colorado’s young duo of Juan Britos and Diego Cavanagh played a very similar style of play, using a slow possession style of attack, with Robert Jornayvaz and Santino Magrini working effortlessly to keep Facundo Pieres away from the ball. The execution of Colorado’s offense was unable to match Pilot as the Pilot defense was able to cause turnovers and quickly begin their counter-attack. Keeping Cavanagh off the penalty line was a key to success for Pilot as they kept the ball in open play to finish with a convincing 11-8 victory.


The final game of the day between La Indiana and Prestige Worldwide had large implications for the final standings as many teams were watching, in hopes Prestige Worldwide could win their first game of the tournament. A win for Prestige Worldwide would set up a three-team shootout for the final spot in the quarterfinals, but La Indiana ensured that didn’t happen as they survived a late scare from Prestige Worldwide to finish with the 11-8 victory. Accurate 6 for 7 shooting and an effective passing attack helped La Indiana build a lead in the first half as Prestige Worldwide was unable to stop the balanced attack of Victorino Ruiz Jorba, Facundo Obregon and Jeff Hall. The game changed in the fifth chukka as Prestige Worldwide’s Will Johnston scored his third goal of the game, while Miguel Novillo Astrada scored back-to-back goals to tie the game at 8-8. Two late goals from Jorba, his fourth and fifth goals of the game, sealed the victory for La Indiana, officially eliminating Carillon Miami and Audi from the Ylvisaker Cup.


After the completion of play, two shoot-outs occurred to determine seeding in Brackets 1 and 2. Pilot defeated SD Farms to claim the #1 seed, placing SD Farms second, while Colorado defeated La Indiana to claim the #3 seed, placing La Indiana in the #4 seed. Play continues Thursday with three games to decide the four teams that will make the quarter-finals from bracket 3 and 4.



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