The 2019 Outdoor and Arena Umpire Tests are now available online. All currently certified umpires and umpires seeking a new umpire certification are required to take the test with a passing grade of 95% Outdoor and/or 94% Arena.

As the USPA Umpires LLC, UMP Program continues to grow, safe and consistent umpiring is an important aspect of our growing sport. The USPA Umpires LLC, UMP Reimbursement Program is equally important to USPA Member Clubs in achieving certified umpires, and reimbursing clubs for acquiring certified umpire services.

In order to take the tests please visit www.uspolo.org, Associations Tab, Programs menu, Umpires and 2019 Umpire Test. Once you submit the preliminary information you will be prompted to choose which test you would like to take. The list of Certified Umpires is up to date on the website. An umpire not listed on the website is not considered certified at this time. Umpires not meeting certification requirements in 2019 will not be considered a certified umpire for 2020.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Steve Lane (slane@uspolo.org / 352-454-6611) or Bradley Biddle (bbiddle@uspolo.org / 803-221-4080).

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