The USPA is proud to report that the 2018 USPA National Youth Tournament Series (NYTS) season was a success. Last year The Central Region (Cipi Echezareta, Grayson Price, Vaughn Miller, Will Walton, coached by Mason Wroe) won the Cecil Smith Cup for the first time in history and the inaugural Girls All-Star Challenge was won by Black (Olivia Uechtritz, Cory Williams, Jenna Tarshis and Lila Bennett coached by Jim Wright). The 24 players who advanced to the NYTS Championships competed at more than half of the NYTS qualifiers held.

New and exciting changes are in store for 2019! There a few minor adjustments in rules that will hopefully make qualifiers easier for the host clubs and promote safety for players. The USPA will now accept a four-team tournament round-robin format and over girths will be mandatory. For further details and to see all changes for 2019, please review the official tournament conditions here.

The NYTS Qualifier Season officially opens March 1, 2019

If your club is interested in hosting a NYTS qualifier, please fill out and email the 2019 Circuit Application found in the link above to either Amanda Snow asnow@uspolo.org or Hayley Heatley hheatley@uspolo.org to reserve your tournament date. Tournaments will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and the USPA will continue to work hard to make sure that tournaments do not overlap within the same circuit.

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