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Dawn Jones’ team, Santa María de Lobos Fred Segal Polo Gear had a great quarterfinal game. Being the only American player in the tournament, she assisted her team to defeat La Ensenada Access Bank in overtime 7-6, thanks to a golden goal from Sarah Wiseman. The other two players on the team were Emma Tomlinson and Tamara Fox.

Dawn scored the equalizing goal at the perfect time and her team earned a spot on the field in the semifinals, after defeating Uneku Atawodi–Edun, Delfina Balzano, Mía Novillo Astrada and Fátima Balzano.

After defeating La Ensenada, Dawn Jones said, “I’m feeling relieved that we managed to get past those wonderful young ladies who were playing awesome polo. We needed to be a bit more disciplined in the first half, but we managed to pull it together in the last couple of chukkers. At the end of the day, we just marked as needed and the goals came through. We all were determined not to give up.”

Dawn Jones' team, Santa María de Lobos Fred Segal Polo Gear.

The Santa María de Lobos Fred Segal Polo Gear team.

Feeling proud of their persistence and relieved with their win, Dawn Jones stated, “Congratulations to the young ladies for playing such a good game and keeping us on our heels.”

The next step for Dawn Jones and her team was tough as they faced La Dolfina Brava, the two-time Champion. Although La Dolfina Brava won the Argentina Women’s Open Semifinal, 10-4, Dawn Jones and her team will stay determined to present the best polo and demonstrate that women’s polo is growing at a rapid pace. “I hope that we inspire more women to come and play at this level of polo.”

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