The grandstand was packed with people who were excited to their nerves for the match to begin. Preparing for the finals of Cavalry Gold Cup, the players were excited and nervous about the match. Greeting each other with a warm welcome, the players and the team owners had a motivational talk before the match. The commentator for the match, Sharad was ready with some good punchlines to start off the match. Blank expressions of the crowd soon turned into happy faces when the band performed. The players massed around the umpire, the commentator called every player individually, players got themselves clicked, the photographers clicked team photographs, the crowd was anxious and enthusiastic at the same time and the play for the finals began.

Rajnigandha Achievers : Hurr Ali -2 , Salim Azmi +3 , Gaurav Sahgal +3 ,Matthew Perry +6

Garcha Group/Aravali Polo : Sameer Mecca -2 , Satinder Garcha +2 , Angad Kalaan +3, Manuel Llorente +6

The finals of the Cavalry Gold Cup, Rajnigandha Achievers vs Garcha Group/Aravali Polo, kicked off at the Jaipur Polo Ground at 2 pm. Rajnigandha Achievers, playing in blue were ready to face Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo, who were ready on their ponies in white. Kicking off the first chukker, the umpires blew the whistle for the match to start.

Matthew Perry kicked off the match in style as he scored a fabulous goal from the 30’ penalty spot. Showing off their defence tactics, Rajnigandha Achievers didn’t allow Garcha Group/Aravali Polo to score a goal. Two back to back goals from Matthew Perry winded up the first chukker at:

Chukker 1 Rajnigandha Achievers – 4 Garcha Group/Aravali Polo – 0.5 Manolo Llorente’s goal opened the chukker and brought Garcha Group/Aravali Polo back in the game. The second goal for Garcha Group/Aravali Polo was scored by Angad Kalaan. The chukker didn’t witness any goal by Rajnigandha Achievers but they were ahead after the second chukker

Chukker 2 Rajnigandha Achievers – 4 Garcha Group/Aravali Polo – 2.5 Hurr Ali, the youngest player in Rajnigandha Achievers’ side, kick-started the match kick-started the third chukker with a goal. Matthew Perry hit a goal to extend Rajnigandha Achievers’ lead and the scoreboard showed a score of 6 – 2.5. Matthew Perry again ran with the ball towards the goal which was defended by Angad Kalaan but Angad’s defence couldn’t stop the man in form, Matthew Perry. Matthew’s goal ended the third chukker at :

Chukker 3: Rajnigandha Achievers – 7 Garcha Group/Aravali Polo – 2.5

The last chukker of the match opened up with a goal from Manuel F. Llorente for the Garcha Group/Aravali Polo from the 30’ penalty spot. Garcha Group/Aravali Polo was awarded a 40’ penalty when Angad Kalaan was fouled. Manolo F. Llorente missed the penalty and the match continued with Matthew Perry continuing the play. A great through ball from Angad Kalaan was converted into a goal by Satinder Garcha as it marked the 4th goal for Garcha Group/Aravali Polo. Garcha Group/Aravali Polo were getting back in the game but it was too late as the 30’ penalty from Manolo marked the last goal of the match.

The final scores were: Rajnigandha Achievers – 7 Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo – 5.5 Sahara Warriors lifted the Cavalry Gold Cup. Matthew Perry was named the Most Valuable Player.

Sahara Warriors lifted the Cavalry Gold Cup. Matthew Perry was named the Most Valuable Player.


Lancers : Lt. Col Arjun Patil +2 , Gaurav Sahgal +3, Basheer Ali +5 , Col Navjot Singh Sandhu +3.

Cavaliers : Rajesh Sahgal 0 , Lt Col Vishal Chauhan +4, Dhruvpal Godara +5 , Col Ravi Rathore +5

The exhibition match of the day, Lancers vs Cavaliers, was played in the memory of Brig VP Singh, the only Polo player to have a +7 handicap in post-independent India. Gen. Bipin Rawat, the chief guest at the match, signalled for the match to kick off as he threw the ball among the players. The match was neck to neck till the third chukker but a goal from Dhruvpal Godara helped Cavaliers win the Brig VP Singh Memorial COA Polo Cup by 4 – 3.

The Finals Of Cavalry Gold CupThe Finals Of Cavalry Gold CupThe Finals Of Cavalry Gold CupThe Finals Of Cavalry Gold Cup The Finals Of Cavalry Gold Cup

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