Argentine Open 2020: 10 team format to continue

Last week it was unveiled that the 2020 Argentine Open would follow the same format as this current tournament, meaning that ten teams will compete in next year’s championship, and that the format of play will go unchanged. 

It was not much of a surprise to learn that ten teams will play for the greatest title in the world once again, but it was unexpected to hear that the mode of play will not be altered, since this year’s format—the one which has been enforced for three consecutive years—is not especially attractive. 

The idea of breaking the Open up into two groups has been a topic of conversation for a while now, where five or six teams would play in ‘Argentine Open A’ and the same number would compete in ‘Argentine Open B’, but it seems like this idea has not prospered. It is yet to be announced, however, how teams will qualify for the 2020 Open, whether the general team ranking will be considered, or whether points from matches will be taken into account.

On the other hand, changes will be made to the Tortugas and Hurlingham Opens, with the possibility that these two be played with direct elimination and handicap.

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