The Maryland team (Aleem Siddiqui, Sierra Blevins, Kylie Beard) swept the competition to take home the win at Battlefield Park Polo Club, in Gainesville, Virginia. Middle School teams included Maryland, Battlefield, Maryland 2 and Battlefield 2.

Other award winners for the weekend were as follows:

All-Stars: Kylie Beard, Rory Knox, Emma Thacker, Aleem Siddiqui.
Horsemanship Award: Sierra Blevins.
Sportsmanship Award: Allegra Vercesi.
Best Playing Pony: Melody owned by Kelly Wells.

The goal of the Middle School League is to provide a venue for younger players to gain more tournament experience, while allowing them to play against competitors of their same ability. Eligible players must be enrolled in an academic program as a 5th through 8th grade student, and will be entered as an individual. Players are responsible for bringing or leasing appropriate horses for the tournament, as the split string format will not be used. Player applications are accepted on a rolling basis by tournament.

Battlefield Park Polo Club Middle School Tournament

Battlefield Park Polo Club Middle School Tournament participants.

Upcoming tournament dates

 Central Region: September 28-29 at NWA Polo Club (Gravette, Arkansas)

 Western Region: September 28 at Maui Polo Club (Makawao, Hawaii)

 Southeastern Region: October 12-13 at Garrison Forest School (Owings Mills, Maryland)

 Southeastern Region: October 12-13 at New Bridge Polo Club (Aiken, South Carolina)

 Central Region: October 19-20 at Barrington Hills Polo Club (Wauconda, Illinois)

 Western Region: October 26-27 at Lakeside Polo Club (Lakeside, California)

 Northeastern Region: October 26-27 at Gardnertown Polo Club (Newburgh, New York)

For more information on the Middle School League, please see the tournament conditions below, or contact Ali Davidge at with any questions.BATTLEFIELD PARK POLO CLUB 

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