Best Playing Pony UK: The best ones of the Gold Cup

For a second year in a row, Best Playing Pony UK selected their top pony of every single Gold Cup for the British Open match. The winners were as follows:


GAME: Dubai vs VS King Power.


AGE: 6. NATIONALITY: Argentina. SIRE: Van Capone. DAM: Espi Regalita. 

BRED BY: La Vanguardia. PLAYED BY: Camilo Castagnola.

GAME: La Indiana vs. Monterosso.

NAME: Open Mediterránea.

AGE: 8. Argentina. SIRE: Open Especial. DAM: Medalla.

BRED BY: Ellerstina. PLAYED BY: Facundo Pieres.

GAME: Murus Sanctus vs VS King Power.

NAME: Joey.

AGE: 12. Australia. SIRE: Norman Pentiquad. DAM: Phoebe.

BRED BY: Ellerston. PLAYED BY: Marcos Di Paola.

GAME: Dubai vs Talandracas.

NAME: Van Rebelde.

AGE: 6. Argentina. SIRE: Van Capone. DAM: Espi Regalita.

BRED BY: La Vanguardia. PLAYED BY: Camilo Castagnola.

GAME: La Bamba vs Park Place.

NAME: Lavina Carta.

AGE: 9. Argentina. SIRE: Lavinia Naipe. DAM: Zorrita.

BRED BY: Cría Lavinia. PLAYED BY: Hilario Ulloa.

GAME: Scone vs Monterosso.

NAME: Lobster.

AGE: 11. New Zealand. SIRE: Falkirk. DAM: Byzance Star.

BRED BY: R. W. E. Moore. PLAYED BY: James Harper.

GAME: Emlor vs VS King Power.

NAME: Dolfina Chilindrina.

AGE: 8. Argentina. SIRE: Durazno. DAM: Niña Bonita.

BRED BY: La Dolfina. PLAYED BY: Alfredo Bigatti.

GAME: Murus Sanctus vs Park Place.

NAME: El Overo Efedrina.

AGE: 12. Argentina. SIRE: Durazno. DAM: Pistola.

BRED BY: El Overo. PLAYED BY: Facundo Sola.

GAME: Dubai vs La Indiana.

NAME: Chalo Angelo.

AGE: 6. Argentina. SIRE: Chalo Compinche. DAM: Vida Bella.

BRED BY: Lolo Castagnola. PLAYED BY: Barto Castagnola.

GAME: La Bamba de Areco vs Emlor.

NAME: Upa.

AGE: 12. Argentina. SIRE: Chapa Suceso. DAM: Laica.

BRED BY: Juan Martin Nero. PLAYED BY: Juan Martin Nero.

GAME: Scone vs La Indiana.

NAME: Eden.

AGE: 11. Australia. SIRE: Solar. DAM: Arcadia.

BRED BY: Ellerston. PLAYED BY: Jimbo Fewster.

GAME: Monterosso vs Talandracas.

NAME: Open Apretada.

AGE: 11. Argentina. SIRE: Open Especial. DAM: Cuddles.

BRED BY: Ellerstina SA. PLAYED BY: Fran Elizalde.

GAME: Park Place vs VS King Power.

NAME: Open Tulipan.

AGE: 11. Argentina. SIRE: Ellerstina Pícaro. DAM: Open Magnolia.

BRED BY: Ellerstina SA. PLAYED BY: Juan Britos.

GAME: Scone vs Dubai.

NAME: Vodka.

AGE: 14. American. SIRE & DAM: UNKNOWN. 

JUGADOR: Jeta Castagnola.

GAME: La Bamba vs Murus Sanctus.

NAME: Dolfina Clota.

AGE: 9. Argentina. SIRE: Open Chimento. DAM: Arana.

BRED BY: La Dolfina. PLAYED BY: Facundo Sola.

GAME: La Indiana vs Talandracas.

NAME: Nevada.

AGE: 9. Brazil. SIRE: Euro Callejero. DAM: Estrella.

BRED BY: Paulo Tolelo. PLAYED BY: Rodrigo Andrade.

GAME: Emlor vs Park Place.

NAME: Pite Gelatina.

AGE: 8. Argentina. SIRE: Grappa Granado. DAM: Pite Rúcula.

BRED BY: Pite Merlos. PLAYED BY: Tincho Merlos.

GAME: La Bamba Vs King Power.

NAME: MZ Enigma.

AGE: 10. Argentina. SIRE: Extranjero. DAM: MZ Sacarina.

BRED BY: Martin Zubía. PLAYED BY: Juan Martin Zubía.

GAME: Dubai Vs Monterosso.

NAME: Machitos Lituania.

AGE: 9. Argentina. SIRE: Durazno. DAM: Lambada.

BRED BY: Los Machitos. PLAYED BY: Alessandro Bazzoni.

GAME: Scone vs Talandracas.

NAME: Pococha.

AGE: 10. Argentina. SIRE: Serpico. DAM: Sorpresa.

BRED BY: Gonzalo Azumendi. PLAYED BY: Edouard Carmignac.

GAME: Emlor vs Murus Sanctus.

NAME: Chapa Alpex.

AGE: 10. Argentina. SIRE: Chapa Sagitario. DAM: Chapa Soy Histérica.

BRED BY: Bautista Heguy. PLAYED BY: Facundo Sola.

GAME: Scone vs Talandracas.

NAME: Twitter.

AGE: 7. England. SIRE: Livingston. DAM: Twiggy.

BRED BY: Jim Gilmore. PLAYED BY: James Harper.

GAME: VS King Power vs Murus Sanctus.

NAME: Oroite.

AGE: 13. Argentina. SIRE: Good Ol Boy. DAM: Oroite Queen Oyster.

BRED BY: Haras Oroite. PLAYED BY: Polito Pieres.

GAME: Emlor vs Park Place.

NAME: Open Tulipán.

AGE: 11. Argentina. SIRE: Ellerstina Pícaro. DAM: Open Magnolia.

BRED BY: Ellerstina SA. PLAYED BY: Juan Britos.

GAME: La Indiana vs Dubai.

NAME: V8 Federico.

AGE: 8. Argentina. SIRE: Paul Anca. DAM: Arandela.

BRED BY: Santiago Chavanne. PLAYED BY: Barto Castagnola.

GAME: VS King Power vs Park Place.

NAME: Lavina Carta.

AGE: 9. Argentina. SIRE: Lavinia Naipe. DAM: Zorrita.

BRED BY: Cria Lavinia. PLAYED BY: Hilario Ulloa.

GAME: Scone vs Dubai.

NAME: Dolfina Manchinqui.

AGE: 12. Argentina. SIRE: Durazno. DAM: Gata.

BRED BY: La Dolfina. PLAYED BY: Jeta Castagnola.

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