Black Bears defeated Ferne Park by a 10-8 score and claimed the Oxfordshire Cup, following the championship match that was played on Sunday May 19 at Black Bears Polo Club, in Shiplake, and streamed live by PoloLine TV.

Ferne Park, with Vere Harmsworth filling in for his father, Jonathan Rothermere, had a better start, which took them to a 7-4 lead at the end of the second chukka. However, Guy Schwarzenbach’s foursome took off in the second half, and managed to tie at 8-all with one chukka to go.

Black Bears dominated the last period, and goals scored by Ollie Cudmore and Paco O’Dwyer sealed the win and the title for Black Bears.

Score Black Bears: 2-3, 4-7, 7-8, 8-8, 10-8

MVP: Ollie Cudmore

BPP: Malibu, ridden by Paco O’Dwyer

The third place went to Carlton House, who beat Brass Ranch 9-8. Alice Servaes was named MVP and the BPP blanket was presented to Matt Perry’s Vasca Irlandesa.

The Oxfordshire Cup showcased four teams in participation, and it is a strong addition to the competitive 18-goal tournaments in England.


Finals Oxfordshire Cup



  • Tuesday May 7:

11am: Black Bears v Carlton House

3pm: Brass Ranch v Ferne Park

  • Saturday May 11:

3pm: Black Bears v Brass Ranch

  • Friday May 17:

4pm: Ferne Park v Carlton House

  • Sunday May 19:

11am: Brass Ranch v Carlton House

1pm: Black Bears v Ferne Park


  • BLACK BEARS: Guy Schwarzenbach 2, Jack Hyde 4, Ollie Cudmore 6, Paco O’Dwyer 6.
  • BRASS RANCH: Algis Pabarcius 1, Satnam Dhillon 5, Manolo Fernandez Llorente 6, Marcos Araya 6.
  • CARLTON HOUSE: Alice Servaes 1, Matt Perry 6, Jack Richardson 7, Tom Beim 4.
  • FERNE PARK: Jonathan Rotheremere 0, Tomas Garbarini 5, Joaquin Pittaluga 7, Rodrigo Rueda 6.

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