HH Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh Cup 2019 is in full swing at Jaipur and today’s match between Chandna Group and Cavalry/Krishna Polo proves it well. The match was umpired by Jason Dixon and Samir Suhag. The match progresses into its play time as the players arrive on the field for a warm-up session before the match.

As the grandstand starts to pack, the umpires arrive at the field to blow the whistle for the match. A not-so-sunny day counts up for the match as the officials and players look well prepared for a little breeze.

The match between Chandna Group and Cavalry/Krishna Polo begins with both the teams lining up for an intense match.

Chandna Group stepped in the ground with Akshai Malik (0), Ashok Chandna (+1), Dhruvpal Godara (+5) and Gerardo Mazzini (+6) while Cavalry/Krishna Polo played with Ashvini Sharma (0), Angad Kalaan (+3), Lt. Col Vishal Chauhan (+4) and Col. Ravi Rathore (+5).

Cavalry/Krishna Polo played in white and Chandna Group was ready in a green jersey. The first chukker witnessed both the teams giving a tough competition for a goal. As the match kicked off, a lot of attempts were made from both the sides for a goal. Progressing into the final minutes of the opening chukker, Chandna Group was able to score a goal. The first chukker ended with Chandna Group in lead.

Chukker 1: Chandna Group 1 Cavalry/Krishna Polo 0 Chandna Group and Cavalry/Krishna Polo were ready to score in the second chukker as the opening minutes of the chukker saw a goal from Cavalry/Krishna Polo team. Cavalry/Krishna Polo scored 2 goals in the second chukker but that wasn’t enough to help them end the chukker with lead as Chandna Group scored 3 goals in the chukker.

Chukker 2: Chandna Group 4 Cavalry/Krishna Polo 2 The third chukker saw a series of goals from both the teams. The chukker after the first half saw Chandna Group scoring 2 goals to extend their lead while Cavalry/Krishna Polo could only score a goal in the third chukker. Chandna Group had a good lead over Cavalry/Krishna Polo after the third chukker.

Chukker 3: Chandna group 6 Cavalry/Krishna Polo 3 2 goals were scored in the last chukker of the match. A goal each was scored by both the teams to end the match.

Chandna Group enjoyed a good victory over Cavalry/Krishna Polo Match Result: Chandna Group 7 Cavalry/Krishna Polo 4 Match Progression: Chandna Group – Cavalry/Krishna Polo: (1 – 0)/ (4 – 2)/ (6 – 3)/(7 – 4)

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