The third day kicked off at 10:30 am at the Army Equestrian Centre ground 1 with APRC and 61 Cavalry teams locking horns in the first match.

Match 4: Jindal Panther vs Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo

Jindal Panther : Dhananjai Singh 0 , Tom Brodie +4 , Simran Singh Shergill +6 , Naveen Jindal 0

Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo : Ajitesh Singh -1 ,  Satinder Garcha +2 , Angad Kalaan +3 , Manuel Llorente +6

The last match of the day, Jindal Panther vs Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo, kicked off with a goal from Manolo Llorente for Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo. Playing in blue, Jindal Panther equalised the scoreboard with Simran Singh Shergill scoring from the 60’ spot. Tom Brodie hit the ball from the right towards the goal, which marked the second goal for Jindal Panther. The match progressed towards the end of first chukker with Manolo Llorente scoring from the 30’ penalty spot. The score was levelled 2-2 after Manolo’s goal. The chukker winded up with a goal from Jindal Panther. The score after the first chukker was:

Chukker 1: Jindal Panther – 3 Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo – 2 Kicking off the second chukker in style, Jindal Panther scored a goal to open the scoring for the chukker. As the chukker progressed, a hit from the 40’ spot by Manolo Llorente marked the third goal for Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo. A goal by Jindal Panther was disallowed due to foul play. A goal line save by Manolo Llorente prevented Simran’s power strike from entering the goal. The score after the second chukker was:

Chukker 2: Jindal Panther – 4 Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo – 3 The third chukker kicked off with a goal from Simran Singh Shergill. Jindal Panther were leading by 5 – 3 after Simran’s goal. Manolo Llorente scoring from the spot hit marked the fourth goal for Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo. Tom Brodie scored a goal to end the third chukker at:

Chukker 3: Jindal Panther – 6 Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo – 4 The only goal of the last chukker was scored by Simran Singh Shergill. The match witnessed an intense action and the scoreboard winded up at :

Chukker 4: Jindal Panther – 7 Garcha Group/ Aravali Polo – 4

Match 3: Rajnigandha Achievers vs Sona Polo

Rajnigandha Achievers : Hurr Ali -2 , Salim Azmi +3 , Gaurav Sahgal +3 , Matthew Perry +6.

Sona Polo : Vandit Golechha +1,  Siddhant Sharma +4 , Abhimanyu Pathak +5, Sunjay Kapur 0

The third match of the day, Rajnigandha Achievers vs Sona Polo, kicked off with Matthew Perry hammering the ball towards the goal in the first minute. Rajnigandha Achievers, playing in blue, were leading by 1 – 0 against the team in black, Sona Polo. The umpires of the match, Martin Pascual and Lt Col Vishal Chauhan, blew for the match to resume when a 30’ penalty was awarded to Rajnigandha Achievers which was converted into a goal by Matthew Perry. The score was 2 – 0 when Abhimanyu Pathak striked the first goal for Sona Polo. The match resumed with Matthew Perry scoring two more goals for Rajnigandha Achievers. The first chukker winded up at:

Chukker 1: Rajnigandha Achievers – 4 Sona Polo – 1 Opening the second chukker with a goal from the 30’ spot, Matthew Perry was in full form today. The score was 5 -1 when Siddhant Sharma scored a goal for Sona Polo to bring them back in the game. The score was 5 -2 after Siddhant Sharma’s goal. Leading from the front, Matthew Perry ran with the ball from the right towards the goal but couldn’t convert it into a goal. A 30’ penalty, converted into a goal by Gaurav Sahgal, winded up the chukker at:

Chukker 2: Rajnigandha Achievers – 6 Sona Polo – 2 The third chukker of the match kick started with another goal by Matthew Perry. Witnessing an intense fight, the chukker continued with one more goal from Rajnigandha Achievers. The chukker was in its final minutes when a goal from Sona Polo scored a goal to end the chukker at :

Chukker 3: Rajnigandha Achievers – 8 Sona Polo – 3

The last chukker of the match didn’t witness a lot of goals. The match was swinging towards one side throughout and the last chukker was no exception. The first goal of the chukker was scored by Hurr Ali. The goal was quickly reverted back by Vandit Golechha for Sona Polo team. Siddhanth Sharma scored a goal in the last seconds to wind up the match at: Chukker 4: Rajnigandha Achievers – 9 Sona Polo – 3

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