Dubai Cup kicks off

Dubai Cup, the fifth and final tournament of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series 2019, kicked off on Friday with a match between Kingpins Polo and Habtoor Polo followed by another game by the Dubai Wolves against Hesketh  Polo team.


Habtoor had the lead from the first chukker, and the penultimate chukker defined the win for the team as it had a six-goal advantage on Kingpins. The first match declared Habtoor Polo team as its victors with a final score of 9 goals to 5.


The next game had a slow start the first goal of the game delivered at the second chukker by the Dubai Wolves and the team kept their lead up to the fourth chukker. Hesketh Polo team tried to catch up on its opponent with successive goals on the last chukker and their last goal in by the time the buzzer sounded off. The game ended at 4-3 in favour of the Dubai Wolves. The game ended at 4 – 3 in favour of the Dubai Wolves.



Habtoor: Raja Abuljebain 0, Mohammed Al Habtoor 0 (1 goal), Tomas Panelo 4 (8), Santiago Gomez Romero 4. Total: 8.

King Pins: Sheika Mozah Al Maktoum -1, Alejandro Gowland 3, Jorge Cernadas 4 (4 goals), Daniel Gariador 2 (1). Total: 8.

Score Habtoor: 3-1, 6-2, 8-2, 9-5.



Wolves: Ahmed Al Habtoor 0, Habtoor Al Habtoor 1 (1 goal), Justo Cuitiño 3 (1), Tomas Iriarte 4 (2). Total: 8.

Hesketh: Kim Roche -1 (1 goal), Sultan Edrees 0, Tomas Palacios 3, Guillermo Cuitiño 6 (2). Total: 8.

Score Wolves: 0-0, 3-0, 4-1, 4-3.


The Dubai Cup will continue on Sunday:

4:30pm: Abu Dhabi Polo vs Kingpins Polo



-Silver Cup (18-goal): January 25 – February 8.

-Polo Masters Cup (10-goal): February 10-15.

-Julius Baer Gold Cup (18-goal): February 18 – March 8.

-Dubai Challenge Cup (12-goal): March 15-30.

-Dubai Cup (8-goal): April 5-12.


DUBAI CUP: Fixture & Teams



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