Federation of international Polo & Art Collection

In a joint initiative the Federation of International Polo, Polo & Art and Squinkbox in San Diego, California, the world of polo may have the opportunity to enjoy the art of polo.

Marcelo Decoud, ( an international veteran polo player) Ceo of Polo & Art and Patricio Lloret, Ceo of Squinkbox Printing ,together with FIP (Federation of International Polo) will launch in 2020 a web page with new and renowned artists dedicated to illustrating in their works different scenes of the sport of kings.

The Polo & Art website will feature an online art gallery, where polo lovers will not only appreciate the works of different artists, but also access them through high quality certified collectable limited edition giclee prints.

The artistic direction of the project is in charge of the renowned polo artist Melinda Brewer.

Melinda has been painting professionally since 1982, recognized as one of Canada’s foremost wildlife artists.Since 1992, Melinda has concentrated on her passion on one of her favorite subjects, equine art, both commissioned portraits and specifically the art of polo.  Her paintings have been featured in exhibitions at the Kentucky Derby Museum, the American Academy of Equine Art, and in polo clubs across North America.  Her polo pony portraits were  featured in an annual exhibition and in the permanent collection of International Polo Club Palm Beach. She is represented in the permanent collection “Horses to Remember” at the National Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame since 2000.  Her artwork has been featured in several polo magazines, including Hurlingham, and the USPA Polo Players Edition. She has contributed artwork and sponsorship to the American Polo Horse Association, the Polo Training Foundation as well as the Polo Players Support Group. Her work has been acclaimed and recognized by many polo players and polo enthusiasts as well as renowned art collectors.  Her work is appreciated for the sensitive understanding and detail in watercolor portraiture and for capturing the elegance and nuance of polo scenes.

Melinda is the author and creator of Polostars® a book published annually since 2002 featuring her polo art and polo pony portraits and biographies. She is currently working on the thirteenth volume in the series.  In partnership with the National Museum of Polo she has produced three books, Poloart, a season of polo and art.  She is currently working on the fourth book,available in early 2020.

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Also the initiative make available to polo lovers the access for commissioned works requests which allows to create a personalized original artwork from a photograph.


Polo & Art Collection:

Melinda Brewer, Melinda horses, ( the five polo ponies in B&W)

Guzman Garcia Lenguas, a novel artist from Uruguay.

© Thomas Wirth

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