Gaj Singh graces the Sternhagen Polo Cup 2019

The polo ground at ARC, Mahalaxmi in Mumbai, was flush with colour, sound and excitement as over 500 guests embarked on a thrilling adventure during the Sternhagen Polo Cup, held on 30th March 2019.

The event brought together some of the finest professional talent and Polo enthusiasts from India and overseas. It was a tournament with an atmosphere where, between the comings and goings of the private jets, high-quality and adrenaline rushing matches had people constantly on their feet.
Complementing the thrilling games were prestigious exhibitors such as Ferrari cars, luxury sponsors of the event with Sternhagen Germany being the main sponsor and many others, including La Polo Magazine – the associate sponsor and Chivas and Stella Artois – the celebrations partner that made it well worth a visit even between the matches. A gala evening at the venue offered the perfect amalgamation of luxury and sophistication.

The final game between V-Piramal Polo Vs Madon Polo saw V-Piramal Polo emerge as winners to lift the Sternhagen Polo Cup.

This Sternhagen Polo Cup tournament saw an exceptional number of visitors across various fields and interest. Ferenc Jari of the Hungarian Consulate, Jennifer Larson – Deputy Commissioner of the US Consulate and Navnit Kachalia of Navnit Motors to Former Miss Diva – Naveli Deshmukh, this day confirmed that the city’s talent, ingenuity, and support for sport is unmatched. One of the biggest highlights of the event was the patronage of His Highness of Jodhpur, Gaj Singh, known for his keen interest in equestrian sports.

“The Sternhagen Polo Cup was conceptualised primarily to promote Polo, popularly recognized as the game of the Royals. We are keen on giving the sport of Polo its due recognition and this year’s cup brings us a step closer to achieving our goal. Our tournament was not only a first-rate event on the polo field – with some of the world’s best polo players – but also a day of unwinding, amidst luxury with like-minded individuals outside the playing field,” said Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Managing Director- Acrysil Group.

“It has been my absolute pleasure to be associated with this event. Polo has always been a sport that I have loved. I am a keen enthusiast of the game and am always ready to promote any aspect of the game that I can. Polo is known to be a royal game but it is great to see so many equestrian enthusiasts come together to not only watch but truly enjoy the sport at the Sternhagen Polo Cup,” said His Highness of Jodhpur, Gaj Singh.

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