Gloucestershire Festival of Polo

Two international titles

Over the weekend, thousands of polo fans descended on Beaufort Polo Club for the annual Gloucestershire Festival of Polo, a two day international polo extravaganza. To begin proceedings on day one, celebrities took to the field for the annual exhibition match, in which the ladies’ Diamonds team defeated the men’s All Stars team, 2-1, much to the delight of the spectators on the sidelines. But, the action really began later in the day, as Frasers England trounced rivals Pakistan in The Swinhay International Test Match for The Golden Jubilee Trophy, 6-5, in a match of fast, frenetic action. For his expert control on the field, Hissam Ali Hyder was awarded The Polo Magazine Most Valuable Player honours, whilst Charlie Hanbury’s pony Illuminate received the Polo Times Best Playing Pony rug. In a change to the format this year, the second day of the Festival included another International Match, with Beaufort Great Britain set to take on The Commonwealth. Four youth teams began the day’s play with The U15 Javier Novillo Astrada Tournament, which saw home team, Beaufort Hunt, take home the honours. Contrastingly, the home side did not seem to have the gods on their side for the International Match. The Commonwealth proved too strong for the young Beaufort GB side, with South African Chris Mackenzie ably leading his team to victory, 7-5. Hamza Mawaz Khan was presented with The Polo Magazine Most Valuable Player award, whilst Charlie Hanbury’s pony Batiki was awarded the Polo Times Best Playing Pony rug. A full report will follow in the next issue of Polo Times, so make sure your subscription is up to date here now!The Swinhay International Test Match for The Golden Jubilee Trophy Teams:Frasers England (15): Henry Porter (3), Charlie Hanbury (4), Matt Perry (6 – Captain) & Will Harper (2)Pakistan (15): Hamza Mawaz Khan (3), Raja Temur Nadeem (3), HIssam Ali Hyder (5 – Captain) & Raja Samiullah (4)The Beaufort Commonwealth Cup Teams:Beaufort Great Britain (16): Max Hutchinson (3), Charlie Hanbury (4 – Captain), Jack Richardson (7) & Ben Wilson (2)Barbados Tourism Commonwealth (18): Hamza Mawaz Khan (3), Glenn Sheriff (5), Chris Mackenzie (7 – Captain) & Shaun Brokensha (3) Photograph: Frasers England secured The Swinhay International, whilst Barbados Tourism Commonwealth were victorious in The Commonwealth Cup. By Charles Sainsbury Plaice

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