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The 13th Manipur Polo International

In the Final of The 13th Manipur Polo International this morning, in the heart of Manipur, India, Frasers England came up against the home team, Manipur. Despite fighting hard throughout the tournament and securing their spot in the Final, Frasers England couldn’t quite obtain the ultimate prize. In the final 10 seconds of the last chukka, Manipur secured a sixth, golden goal, to win 6-5. Earlier in the tournament, Frasers England back Chris Crawford came off his horse, injuring himself and ending his Manipur Polo International tournament for 2019, with an American player stepping in as substitution. The winners and runners-up received a cash prize and awards courtesy of the Manipur region. Frasers England (9): Will Seth Smith (2), George Amor (2), George Krabbe (3 –Substituted for Chris Crawford) & Ben Eeley (2) 

Photograph: The home team secured The 13th Manipur Polo International honours this morning against Frasers England. Courtesy of Sats Polo 

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