“I enjoy being able to help guys who need an organisation”

UAE Polo managed to become one of the the most powerful polo organisations in Middle East with a team that remains unbeaten in the 2019 Dubai Gold Cup Series, although the bigger distinction are their horses. Behind the scenes of UAE Polo is Lucas Monteverde; the four-time Argentine Open champion coaches the team and takes care of its organisation.


In a talk with PoloLine he shared the following concepts:


“It worked out that we had quality and quantity in terms of horses. And our team went well. Everything worked out: the players and the horses”.


“We aimed to be the best mounted organisation in Dubai.”


“My projects, if I’m honest, depend on different things. I enjoy being able to help guys who need an organisation. It happens often that there are kids with a lot of potential but they don’t have an organisation. I started without one, so I know what it is like not having an organisation.”


“The figure of coach in and of itself, if I don’t have something more at steak, I can do it, but it is not what interests me most.”


“I love watching Lukitas. Especially having gone through this it was uplifting seeing him.”





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