“I wasn’t even expecting the call from La Irenita”

Seven teams will be taking part of the qualification tournament for the Argentine Open which appears to be kicking off next Sunday or Monday at AAP Pilar. One of the players who will be looking for entering the Argentine Open for the first ever time in his career is Juan Jauretche, who won the Municipalidad del Pilar Cup in 2018. And now thi season has been invited by Matías Mac Donough to join La Irenita I.

The young guy from Trenque Lauquen spoke to Pololine TV:

“The truth is that I wasn’t even expecting it. And one day out of the blue Matías (Mac Donough) called me, his son, Fermín, sent me a message, and we got to talking.”

“Matías spoke to Juan Martín (Nero) before calling me. Juan Martín lends me horses, I play polo thanks to him.”

“The people from Trenque Lauquen help each other out so much, be it work, horses or whatever.”

“I feel most confortable up front. I wasn’t put at one, more at two.”

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