In conversation with Facundo Pieres & Fran Elizalde

Thanks to their dynamic style of play and victories in the competition so far, La Indiana and Talandracas have become two of the favourites to win the prestigious Queen’s Cup title. Facundo Pieres and Francisco Elizalde, two of the top players in the tournament, spoke to POLOLINE TV before their quarterfinal matches.


We have a good team, a really fun team on the field, too, so it’s fun to play like this.”

“It looks like these kids are going to be in polo for a long time. They are great on and off the field.”

“I know we beat a really tough team, a team that we could meet again soon, so I’m happy that we won.”

FRAN ELIZALDE (Talandracas):

“We knew they were an amazing team – they played last year’s Queen’s Cup final. It was really, really tough.”

“Our team was good; we played well, we know each other. I’m very happy now.”



THE QUEEN’S CUP: Fixture & Teams

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