International equestrian festival kicks off in Northern China

HOHHOT, June 29 (Xinhua) — The 6th Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Festival, a four-month horse racing event, kicked off on Saturday in the autonomous region’s capital, Hohhot.

Organizers say the equestrian festival will run from June to October and will feature various events, which includes 32 regular races such as equestrian games, polo matches, flat racing and endurance races.

“In addition to regular races, more than 1,000 traditional ethnic minority races will be held in 11 cities in Inner Mongolia. Jockeys and horses will participate in traditional skill competitions, handicap matches and other interesting races,” said Li Zhiyou, the deputy director of Inner Mongolia Sports Bureau.

Horse racing is a popular sport in Inner Mongolia. As traditional sports of Mongolia, horse racing, wrestling and archery are regarded as “Three Games for Men”.

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