Italia Polo Challenge Molinari Cup: Second edition is coming up

The second edition of the arena polo competition Italia Polo Challenge Molinari Cup will run through May 20 to May 22, within the International Showjumping Piazza di Sienna. Hosted together by FISE (Federazione Italia Sport Equestri) and ASD Polo Castelluccia, the event will take place at the spectacular Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese, in Rome.

The Italia Polo Challenge is an initiative brought by Therence Cusmano and Patricio Rattagan, who organised the first event in the spring of 2018. This year, the second edition will showcase four teams up to 9 goals in participation, in lineups comprised by both European and Argentine players, and who will play two games per day – at sunset and at night. The event will be inaugurated on Sunday May 19, and will include a team parade along the famous Via Condotti.


Molinari Polo Team:

Riccardo Dana (0)
Patricio Rattagan (3)
Eduardo Menendez (6)

Palazzo Naidai:

Cedric Schweri (0)
Tomas Astelarra (3)
Olao Novaes (6)

I Profumi del Marmo:

Francesco Scardaccione (0
Bautista Beguerie (4)
Marcelo Pascual (5)

US Polo Assn.:

Stefano Giansanti (0)
Goffredo Cutinelli (2)
Francisco Menendez (6)

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