Jackson Hole Horse Emporium Wickenden Cup

2019 Jackson Hole Horse Emporium Wickenden Cup at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

Six teams are playing for the chance to win the 2019 Jackson Hole Horse Emporium Wickenden Cup. We welcome Highwood Polo Team from Calgary Alberta as our sixth team. The other five teams remain the same. 

The morning started off with a matchup between Klentner Ranch / El Llamado and Dundas Polo Team. The match started close in the first few chukkers. However, Marcos Alberdi from Klentner Ranch could not be stopped as he scored ten goals during the six chukker match, dominating the field. The game finished with a score of 11-8. Klentner Ranch will move on into the tournament with a 2-0 record. 

Highwood Polo Team and bensoeimani.com/JC Polo competed in the second game on Sunday afternoon. Highwood began with one goal on handicap, helping them keep a lead by one for most of the game. Remy Muller scored two goals in the last chukker for bensoleimani.com to push the game into overtime. In the seventh chukker Muller scored the golden goal winning the match 10-9. Bensoleimani.com/JC Polo move on in the tournament undefeated after the first week of play. 

The featured match on the grandstand field was between Spindrift and Sapa/Gipsy. Sapa/Gipsy dominated the field in the first half with three notable goals by Igor Seyranov. The team put a total of 10 goals on the board in the first three chukkers, making it an unusually high scoring game. Spindrift recuperated at halftime to make a comeback in the fourth chukker. Goals by Spindrift’s Curbelo and Bossom brought the score within one. Unfortunately, Spindrift could not contain Sapa/ Gipsy’s scoring power and the game finished 16-11. Sapa/Gipsy is the third team to continue in the tournament with an undefeated record. 

Jimmy Wright, Remy Muller – © David Lominska

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