Jockey Club Open: La Dolfina and Los Indios to semifinals

The 55th Jockey Club Open continued on Thursday at both the Jockey Club, in San Isidro, and La Dolfina Polo Club, in Cañuelas. Eight teams, between 27 and 31 goals, are competing in this 2019 edition; seven of the nine 10-goal players will are set to take to the field.  

After getting respective wins, Los Indios and La Dolfina joined La Dolfina Valiente in the semifinals. The remained qualified team will be unveiled on Friday after the match where Ellerstina Pilot will take on Chapaleufú La H.

The final is scheduled for Saturday, September 21st.


Los Indios: Pepe Heguy 7, Jorge Monsegou 5, Juan Gris Zavaleta 8, Iñaki Laprida 8. Total: 28.

La Cañada Angiocor Daily Racing Form: Agustín Obregón 6, Ezequiel Martínez Ferrario 8, Alejandro Muzzio 8, Jared Zenni 6. Total: 28.

Score Los Indios: 1-0, 2-0, 4-0, 5-3, 6-3, 6-5.

Umpires: Guillermo Villanueva and Martín Pascual.    Third man: Juan José Díaz Alberdi.


La Dolfina: Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Poroto Cambiaso 4, Diego Cavanagh 8, Jejo Taranco 8. Total: 30.

LD Betania: Manuel Calafell 6, Juan Calafell 6, Isidro Strada 7, Cubi Toccalino 8. Total: 27.

Score La Dolfina: 5-0, 7-1, 12-1, 14-2, 17-5, 17-6.

Umpires: Federico Martelli and Martín Goti.                             Third man: Julio Bensadón.

El 55° Abierto del Jockey Club continuará el viernes:

2pm: Ellerstina Pilot vs Chapaleufú La H, en la cancha 1 del Jockey Club.

Note: Due to weather conditions, the 2018 edition was inconclusive.

There will be free parking throughout the tournament; access to the Jockey Club is located on Av. Unidad Nacional 2401 (Dardo Rocha) and Panama.

JOCKEY CLUB OPEN: Fixture & Teams

IMAGES:La Dolfina vs LD Betania21 PhotosPhotos by: Matias Callejo

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