Kazak/Ararat wins Sainte Mesme Challenge

Sainte Mesme, located in the suburbs of Paris, hosted the III Sainte Mesme Challenge over the weekend. Four teams were in competition, and as always, camaraderie and fun characterised the competition.

After three days of action, Kazak/Ararat claimed the title. Certainly one of the highlights of the tournament was the traditional Saturday evening asado and party, attended by many guests and players. 



MVP AMATEUR: Birger Strom.

MVP PRO: Matthieu Delfosse.


KAZAK/ARARAT: Sebastien Aguettant 0, Patrick Paillol 5, Clément Delfosse 5, Sacha Caumon 1. Total: 11.

SAINTE MESME: Willy Saget-Johnson 0, Birger Strom 0, Gregorio Gelosi 4, Robert Strom 5. Total: 9.

SAINTE MESME 2: Pedro Beca 1, Mariano López 3, Tano Valiente 2, Leo Valiente 3. Total: 9.

TRES MARÍAS: Clemente Zavaleta 7, Lea Siboni 0, Matthieu Delfosse 4, William Berry 0. Total: 11.

IMAGES:III Sainte Mesme Challenge15 PhotosPhotos by: Sainte Mesme

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