Kings Polo Master: Finalists to be decided on Friday

The Kings Polo Master is underway at Villa A Sesta Polo Club, at the italian Tuscany. It’s one of the main tournaments at this club and a total of 6 teams up to 15 goals are in participation.

The finals of the Kings Polo Master are scheduled for Saturday June 29th.

The semifinals will be played on Friday:

5:15pm: Amadeus vs Villa A Sesta

6:45pm: Amanara vs Mangroovi


AMADEUS: Koko Kofler 0, Robert Kofler 1, Santiago Marambio 6, Bautista Bayugar 8.

VILLA A SESTA: Gualtiero Giori 1, Agustin Garcia Grossi 7, Eduardo Menendez 6, Riccardo Tattoni 0.

AMANARA: Nicky Sen -1, Nacho Kennedy 4, Santiago Chavanne 7, Tomás Iriarte 4.

MANGROOVY: Segundo Condesse 3, Mohamed Elsewedy 1, Marcelo Pascual 5, Frankie Menéndez 6.

CASSIOPEA: Robert Szucs 0, Fernando Mino 5, Joaquín Máiquez 6, Silvestre Fanelli 4. 

ST TROPEZ/LAS PLANTAS: Peter Kis 0, Marcos Harriott 3, Joao Novaes 5, Sebastián Harriott 6.

PICTURE GALLERIES:Kings Polo Master Day 79 PhotosPhotos by: PololineAmadeus vs Villa A Sesta19 PhotosPhotos by: Pololine

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