La Natividad Washington wins La Cañada Open

The finals of the La Cañada Open, one of the most remarable tournaments of the Autumn season, in Argentina, were played at the club based in Open Door, on Sunday. And the main trophy, the Ezequiel Guerrico Cup, between La Natividad Washington and Magual, not only was a display of great polo but also featured many new faces, a new generation of polo players who are ready to show they are up to it.

La Natividad Washington’s Castagnola brothers, Camilo and Bartolito, fit to perfection through their amazing performance both in attack and defense, alongside another young gun, Rufino Bensadon, whom they already played for Desert Palm, in Dubai. In addition, they had Facundo Sola as the back and the most experienced man within the foursome.

Together, the members of La Natividad Washington dominated both the score and the match, led by MVP Camilo Castagnola, who scored no less than seven goals, and emerged as the brilliant winners of the competition.



La Natividad Washington: Camilo Castagnola 6 (7 goals), Rufino Bensadon 5 (2), Bartolito Castagnola 7 (2), Facundo Sola 9 (4). Total: 27.

Magual: Simon Prado 5 (1 goal), Juan Martin Zubía 8 (4), Marcos Di Paola 7, Jero Del Carril 7 (1). Total: 27.

Score: 2-1, 6-2, 7-3, 11-4, 12-6, 15-6.

Umpires: Guillermo Villanueva and Martín Aguerre.

MVP: Camilo Castagnola.

Best String: Facundo Sola.

BPP: Cachiyuyo Millonaria, played by Facundo Sola.

BPP by the Argentine Breeders Association: Chalo Vida (Dolfina Julian and Víbora). Played by Camilo Castagnola in the fourth chukker. Breeder and owner: Bartolomé Castagnola.

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