Ladies Handicap Changes

HPA releases End of Season list

The Hurlingham Polo Assoctiation (HPA) has released the list of End of Season Ladies’ handicap changes. Amongst the notable increases, at the higher end of the list, a number of British players have seen their handicaps raised. Lucy Coddington, Heloise Wilson Smith and Milly Hine have been moved up to 6 goals, whilst Lottie Lamacraft has gone from 6 to 7. Alice Servaes and Rosanna Turk have also both been moved up, from 4 to 5. 

Further down the list, a number of players have been moved up two goals, with CANI patron Louise Jebson moving from 1 to 3 goals and Victrix Ludorum winning patron Alicia Woods moved from 0 to 2 goals. 

A total of 113 handicap changes have been released and the full list available here now. The changes will be subject to ratification and are set to be valid from 1 January 2020. 

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