Manipur Polo International

2019 teams announced
The teams for the 13th annual Manipur Polo International 2019 have been announced. The tournament is taking place between 22 – 29 November at Mapal Kangjeibung, the oldest polo ground in the world. Teams from England, France, USA and India will be participating.

The Manipur Polo International Teams:USA (7): Jorge Vasquez (2), Tommy Huber (2), Walter Buck Schott (2) & Ben Lynch (1)England (10): Will Seth Smith (2), Ben Eeley (2), George Amor (2) & Chris Crawford (3)France (5): Herve Simonot (0), Romain Darroux (2), Clement Gosset (3) & Philippe Darroux (0)India A (6): Lt Col Sameer Chaudhary (2), Capt Anant Rajpurohit (0), Dfr Vijay Singh (2) & Ram Singh (2). Reserve Maj Narendra SinghThere will also be an India B team, which is yet to be announced. 

Photograph: Teams will participate in The 13th Manipur Polo International this weekend. Courtesy of N. Ibungochoubi

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