Points and participation seem to be a growing theme. Pacific Coast Arena League, Texas Arena League, National Arena Amateur Cup and now, the Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Series!

USPA Women’s Challenge Circuit events and USPA-sanctioned women’s tournaments both arena and outdoor will be played in 2019 as part of a series. Individuals will receive points based on team ranking within each tournament (winner, second, third, etc.) along with points for Sportsmanship and Most Valuable Player awards. At the end of 2019 a High Point Winner will be the proud owner of a Catena Swiss watch. Additionally, USPA women’s arena tournaments will count towards National Arena Amateur Cup points.

“In this Series, the individual gets the points, rather than the team. The idea is to increase participation in all events by offering an amazing prize to the individual who earns the most points throughout the Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Series,” said organizer Robin Sanchez. “Each club handles its own tournament(s) and that is who the players and teams should contact to enter. The Series will maintain the points tallies and provide some extras to each location – such as Best Playing Pony blankets.”


“We are really excited about the incredible growth in our sport with female players and women’s tournaments,” stated USPA Women’s Committee Chair Erica Gandomcar-Sachs. “This Series is another step in the support that every player and every club can provide to the growth of women’s polo along with USPA and other entities like the Women’s International Polo Network (WIPN).”

According to Susan Koehler of NWA Polo Club in Arkansas, “this is going to be a great boost to our women’s tournament in September. We have a USPA Arena Women’s Challenge paired with a Middle School Tournament. It will allows moms and kids to have a combined weekend of polo competition!”

The tournaments closest on the calendar include Dallas Polo Club (April 6) and Central Texas Polo Association (May 11-12).  If you are interested in playing, please contact those clubs directly. You can also follow all of the tournaments and participating clubs on the Women’s Polo Series Facebook page.


Clubs participating in the Mid-Continent Women’s Polo Tournament Series:

Arrowhead Polo Club (Bixby, Oklahoma)

Central Texas Polo Association

Dallas Polo Club (Red Oak, Texas)

Denver Polo Club (Littleton, Colorado)

Houston Polo Club (Houston, Texas)

 East Texas Polo (Legend’s Horse Ranch – Kaufman, Texas)

Midland Polo Club (Midland, Texas)

New Mexico Polo Club (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

New Orleans Polo Club (Folsom, Louisiana)

NWA Polo Club (Gravette, Arkansas)

OKC Polo Club (Jones, Oklahoma)

South Padre Island Polo Club (South Padre Island, Texas)

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