Polo festival to attract foreign tourists


“The three-day twelve-monthly Shandur polo festival will set in motion at the world’s highest polo land in Chitral on July 7.”

Planning for the polo festival is discussing throughout a meeting presided over by tourism secretary Kamran Rehman here on Thursday.

An official statement supposed the Shandur polo festival would be organized in a be suitable manner to pull towards you both domestic and foreign tourists to the scenic region in large numbers.


“This year, the number of foreign and domestic tourists will be immense compared to the Last years as stillness has entirely been restored in the region.

And the circumstance of acquiring no protest certificate for the international tourists has by now been withdrawn at Pakistan on this Polo Festival,” the escritoire said.


He said floorboard and lodging services would be provided to both foreign and domestic tourists at polo festival.

The secretary said keep counts of foreign tourists recently visited Kalash valleys and enjoyed a lot.

He whispered the district government of Chitral


Pakistan Army

And other institutions would help put in order the polo festival at the world’s highest polo ground in a peaceful manner.

The escritoire said the pertinent departments had been told to repair polo ground, ensure level water supply and ship facility, provide other facilities to the teams, fans and tourists, and hold meetings with stakeholders.

He said Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral teams would contribute to the polo festival.

The announcement said rafting in

  • Shandur Lake
  • Paragliding
  • Archery
  • kite flying

would catch the attention of domestic and foreign tourists to the affair in large numbers.

It’s supplementary that besides a camping village, the booth would also be established to highlight. It promote the works of Chitral and Gilgit’s artists and skilled people.

The statement said foreigners with valid tourist visa could go places in Khyber Pakhtun-khwa, including Chitral.

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