Polo for a Cause A Blue Star Ranch Event

The relationship between a human and a horse is rewarding and unique. Horses are real and present beings. They live in the here and now. They constantly build and maintain positive relationships with each other and their environment. This is what makes them such incredible therapy animals.
Therapy sessions at the ranch involve the Blue Star Ranch (BSR) Team of therapy horse(s), Licensed Mental Health Specialist who is also certified in this therapy, and Certified Equine Specialist. This team works one-on-one with the veteran. The focus is on-the-ground, there is no horseback riding involved. It is solution-oriented. And, our services are free to veterans and their families. We must heal the whole family.
Horses sense emotions in humans and react accordingly. This is the atmosphere needed to bring emotional problems to the surface for examination.
On Saturday, May 18, the California Polo Club will be presenting “Polo Expo For Veterans”, a fun event that will allow attendees to see a real working relationship between horse and rider, while supporting Blue Star Ranch.
We would like to invite you one and all to this exciting event. And there is even a half time show being put on by the Blue Shadow Riders Competition Drill Team Champions. You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity either. Dinner is included (no rubber chicken). Tickets are available for all pocketbooks. $25, $40, and VIP Seating for four with perks for $250.
If you would like to see more polo photos, and the polo facility go to www.californiapoloclub.com.
If you would like to order tickets, go to www.BlueStarRanch.org and click on the banner at top of page. See calendar section of magazine for details.
Honorees at this year’s event include;
2019 Blue Star Ranch “Gold Star Veteran Honoree SPC Rudy A. Acosta”
2019 Blue Star Ranch “Platinum Sponsor California Polo Club”
2019 Blue Star Ranch “Gold Sponsors Bob & Judy Clark”
2019 Blue Star Ranch “Silver Sponsor Lockheed-Martin”.
Your enjoyment of this event will go a long way to helping our veterans in need. To learn more about Blue Star Ranch visit their website: www.BlueStarRanch.org. And pass the word to any veteran you know in need with PTSD, depression, or other issues. Questions: just call Nancy at 661-312-6184.

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