Polo French Open of Chantilly

The peak of the season!

The lineup for the 19th French Open is of exceptional athletic quality, drawing the players of the Argentine Open, winner and players of the Copa Camara, a semi finalist of the last US Gold Cup and four of the five top French athletes. 
Once again Chantilly will welcome esteemed starters like Clemente Zavaleta (h7), returning for this year’s Open. It’s a chance for the tournament and for Sainte-Mesme, the titleholder. This top player will find himself facing his teammate for the Argentine Open, Tito Guinazu (h7). Guinazu will play on the German team Polo Gestüt Schockemöhle with French Pierre Henri Ngoumou (h6). It’s the team of Alwin Schockemöhle’s daughter, the legendary Olympic show jumping champion of 1976.
The winner of the 2018 Copa Camara, Martin Aguerre Junior, will also attempt the Argentine Open qualifier. But before that, Aguerre Junior will faithfully don the colors of Marquard Media in Chantilly behind his unwavering teammate, the handicap 5 Jota Chavanne. 
Spanish captain Alejandro Aznar too presents a great team, Marques de Riscal, which includes the Argentine Santiago Cernadas, handicap 7, who was recently a semi-finalist in the US Gold Cup in Palm Beach. 
For Kazak, French captain Sébastien Aguettant, brings two French 5 handicaps, Patrick Paillol and Clément Delfosse. 
Two French teams, including the defending champion, feature a Spaniard, a Swiss (who won this title in 2015 and 2016) and a German for this French international season climax. 
Women’s Open: Everyone versus Lia!
Four teams are currently vying for the the title of the most important women’s tournament in Europe, which begins September 17th, including the best player in Argentina, 9-goaler Lia Salvo. Yet, she won’t be able to simply rest on her laurels, for the competition is strong with women’s polo being a highly trending sport in France today. For example, Lia and her teammates will have to face the club’s “junior” team, comprised of the three Venot sisters with Adèle Renauldon who had a notably good start in last year’s Open. The Argentinean icon will also be up against two German teams including Las Hermanitas, as well as the Schröder sisters, reinforcing their team with the English feminine 6-goaler Rebecca Walter. Women’s polo is booming, and the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly is at the forefront of this phenomenon!
Two other lower level tournaments (but equally competitive), the Trophée Kastel and the Coupe du Capitaine des Jeux, will be played at the same time , September 7-22, meaning there will be a match almost every day. Since it is also completely free to spectators, there is no reason to miss out on such fantastic sport. 
The day of the finals, Sunday, September 22nd is also a special event with free access. An exhibitors village will be present for the occasion with lifestyle stands, food trucks for the public, a space for children, introductions to polo, made complete by the unparalleled sporting atmosphere. Also free: stretch of lawn will be devoted to picnicking areas so that visitors can enjoy a day on the greenery. 
If “Open” in in the name of this tournament, it also speaks to the spirit of Chantilly Polo: which is open to all. 

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