Regal Warriors vs Casa La Vista Ibiza, the final on Sunday at the Berkshire

The HPA National Club Championships, one of the main Arena Polo events in England, will come to an end on Sunday, January 20, at Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club. A total of 7 teams up to 15 goals (Arena Polo Handicap) are in participation. Many of the Arena Polo stars are taking part of the tournament such as Max Charlton, Chris Hyde, Jonny Good, Tom Morley and Nacho González.


After winning their semifinal matches, Regal Warriors and Casa La Vista Ibiza qualified for the final, to be played at 2pm at Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club.



Hedonism Wines: Evgeny Chichvarkin 1, Will Emerson 6, Ryan Pemble 7. Total: 14.

Four Quarters: Simon Arber 1, Tom Morley 7, Adolfo Casabal 7.  Total: 15.

Tchogan: Heiko Voelker 2, Eden Ormerod 6, Sebastian Dawnay 7. Total: 15.

Regal Warriors: Raffa Singh 2, Josh Cork 4, Max Charlton 9. Total: 15.

Casa La Vista Ibiza: Hilali Noordeen 1, Daniel Otamendi 6, Nacho González 8. Total: 15.

Ojo Caliente: Ana Escobedo 1, Ed Banner-Eve 6, Jonny Good 8. Total: 15.

FCT: Roger Carlsson 1, Jack Hyde 6, Chris Hyde 8. Total: 15.



Sunday January 6:

Ojo Caliente 16-18 Tchogan

Thursday 10:

Tchogan 12-10 Casa La Vista Ibiza

Saturday 12:

Casa La Vista Ibiza 21-17 FCT

Sunday 13:

FCT 19-20 Hedonism Wines

Tuesday 15:

Regal Warriors 17-13 Four Quarters

Wednesday 16:

Four Quarters 14-12 Ojo Caliente

Hedonism Wines 17-20 Regal Warriors

Friday 18:

Subsidiary Semi-Final: Ojo Caliente 21-24 FCT


Regal Warriors 21-20 Four Quarters

Casa La Vista Ibiza 15-9 Tchogan

Sunday 20:

11am, Subsidiary Final: Hedonism Wines vs FCT

2pm, NATIONAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS FINAL: Regal Warriors vs Casa La Vista Ibiza


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