The USPA would like to thank everyone who participated in the USPA High-Goal Committee Election. The USPA High-Goal Committee for 2019 will be comprised of the following individuals:

•Chair: Maureen Brennan
•High-Goal Team Owners: Gillian Johnston, and newly elected: Annabelle Gundlach, Justin Klentner
•High-Goal Professional Player/Manager/Coach: Jeff Hall and re-elected: Chris Stratemann and newly elected: Lucas Criado
•Club Manager: Jimmy Newman
•Rep. from USPA Umpires, LLC: Britt Baker
•Rep. from USPA Marketing, LLC: Scott Devon
•Rep. from USPA Rules Committee: Tom Gose

Please contact with questions or concerns you would like discussed by the High-Goal Committee. The committee is looking forward to an exciting year!

Annabelle Gundlach. ©David Lominska

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