Robert “Bob” Francis Miller, Esq.
1948 – 2019

Former Hawaiian Islands Circuit Governor “Bob” Miller passed away peacefully in his sleep on February 14, 2019. The son of a career Navy Chief brought him to Hawaii as a young man, and love of its people and culture persuaded him to make it his home. Miller was a major player in Hawaii polo for nearly four decades. He was one of the early members and also a Director of the Honolulu Polo Club where he could be found almost on a daily basis checking on the wellbeing of the ponies and the facility.

In his professional life, he was a highly-regarded trial attorney with a successful practice in corporate, business and anti-trust issues. His legal background and experience served the USPA well during his tenure as Circuit Governor for Hawaii. Along with other concerned Circuit Governors, H. Ben Taub, Mario Mendoza, George Dill, Pat Nesbitt and others, they effectively guided the Association into the twenty-first century business model of which all members are now the beneficiaries.

He was an avid sportsman with a passion for fly fishing and hunting elk in Wyoming. He was a special ambassador of international polo and a regular in the New Zealand Polo Association’s Ambassadors Cup where he remains the “offshore player” record holder. His personal involvement in the importing of “kiwi” polo ponies greatly improved the numbers and quality of Hawaii’s polo stock along with New Zealand polo talent.

He is survived by his wife Stephanie, son Stephen and polo playing daughter Sarah.

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