Sainte Mesme and Almasanta on the lead at Tournoi d’Autumne

The Tournoi d’Autumne, closing competition of the Polo de Paris season, continued over the weekend at Bagatelle and Sainte Mesme. Six 8 goal teams are playing the Tournoi d’Autumne; the final is scheduled for Sunday, September 22.

After the Tournoi d’Autumne comes to an end, Les Championnats de France de Polo will be played between Polo de Paris and Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly.

TOURNOI D’AUTUMNE – Latest Results:


Red Falcon 5-4 Costa Rica

Almasanta 8-8.5 Le Pommeray

La Concepcion Polo 5-6 Sainte Mesme


Almasanta 6.5-5 Sainte Mesme

La Concepcion Polo 5-6 Red Falcon

Costa Rica 8-6 Le Pommeray

The Tournoi d’Autumne will resume next Saturday:

Costa Rica vs Sainte Mesme

La Concepcion vs Almasanta

Le Pommeray vs Red Falcon

TOURNOI D’AUTUMNE: Fixture & Teams

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