Sainte Mesme awaits rivals for Open de Paris final. Heat forces club to alter match timings.

Faced with an unprecedented heatwave which is suffocating parts of Europe, Polo de Paris has announced that it will change the timings of Saturday’s Open de Paris Engel & Volkers matches, held in Bagatelle. Temperatures are expected to reach 37 degrees, so it has been decided that the matches will take place in the morning.

Sainte Mesme has already qualified for the final, they will know who they will fight for the title after the following matches take place:

  • 9am, match 1: La Concepcion vs Red Falcon
  • 10:30am, match 2: Le Pommeray vs Kazak/Outsiders

A) If La Concepcion beat Red Falcon, then Hans Spek’s team automatically qualify, just as they did in 2018.

B) If Red Falcon wins the match, then two possibilities arise, and we would have to await the results of the match between Le Pommeray and Kazak/Outsiders:

b.1) If Red Falcon wins, and Le Pommeray also wins, then La Concepcion, Red Falcon and Le Pommeray would all go to penalties, to break the three way tie.

b.2) If Red Falcon wins, and Le Pommeray lose, then Red Falcon qualify for the final of the 125° Open de Paris Engel & Volkers. While they may then be tied with La Concepcion, Laurent Dassault’s team will still have the advantage on ‘who beat who’ grounds, seeing as Red Falcon beat La Concepcion earlier in the tournament.


  • LA CONCEPCION: Hanspeter Spek (cap) -1, Jules Legoubin 2, Martin Joaquin 5, Diego Braun 4.
  • SAINTE MESME: Robert Ström 5, Birger Ström (cap) 0, Grégorio Gelosi 4, Charlie Tighe 1.
  • LE POMMERAY: V & C. Smith -1/0, Charles-Henri Le Galle 2, Facundo F. Llorente 7, Derek Smith (cap) 1.
  • RED FALCON: Laurent Dassault (cap) 0, Lucas Nottin 2, Ramiro Zavaleta 4, Matthieu Delfosse 4.
  • KAZAK-OUTSIDERS: Sébastien Aguettant (cap) 0, Nicolas Desjouis (cap) 0, Patrick Primaël Paillol 5, Clément Delfosse 5.
  • LA MAGDELEINE: Alexandre Garese (cap) -1, Serge-Alexis Caumon 1, Pierre-Henri Ngoumou 6, Thibault Guillemin 4.

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