Season in UK is underway with tournaments at Guards and Cowdray

The English polo season has just kicked off with some exciting medium goal tournaments at Guards Polo Club and Cowdray Park Polo Club, prior to the start of the much anticipated high goal.


With regards to Guards Polo Club, the 12-goal The Valerie Halford Trophy, that features 8 teams in competition, has begun on Sunday, with matches due at Coworth Park and on the Queen’s Ground, at Guards. The finals are scheduled for Saturday, May 11th.


The results of the Sunday matches are as follows:

Leander/Cuervos Negros 6-11 White Crane

Mad Dogs 8-7 Snake Bite


The Valerie Halford Trophy will resume on Tuesday:

11am: Four Quarters Black vs Snake Bite

12:30pm: Four Quarters Orange vs White Crane




Mad Dogs: William Emerson 5, Pedro Harrison 4, Alan Fall 0, TBC. Total: 12.

Snake Bite: David Ashby 0, Maximilian Kirchhoff 0, Richard Tyrone 5, Charlie Hanbury 4. Total: 9.

Four Quarters Black: Romilla Arber 0, TBC, Hugo Taylor 2, Antonino Menard 4. Total: 12.

HB Polo: Sebastien Pailloncy 4, Ludovic Pailloncy 1, Ned Hine 2, Santiago Stirling 5. Total: 12.



Leander/Cuervos Negros: Santiago De Estrada 6, Thilo Sautter 1, Julian Drake 0, Hissam Ali Hyder 5. Total: 12.

White Crane: Alexie Calvert-Ansari 0, Marcus Cork 1, James Harper 6, TBC. Total: 12.

Four Quarters Orange: Emanuel Arber 0, Simon Arber 0, Juan Ambroggio 6, Tom Morley 5. Total: 11.

Previse: Tom Brodie 4, Stefan Sund 0, Mark Tomlinson 6, Luke Wiles 2. Total: 12.






Cowdray Park Polo Club’s season is also underway, with the Barrett Cup, among others. The tournament showcases seven teams up to 8 goals, and Maíz Dulce took  a 7-4 win over Cowdray Vikings, in the opening match, on Saturday.


The finals will be held on Sunday, May 19th.


The Barrett Cup will continue on Tuesday, with a single game, between Cowdray Vikings and Hickstead, at 4pm.



Cowdray Vikings: Will Drewitt -1, Monty Campbell 0, Tom Brodie 4, Will Emerson 5. Total: 8.

Maiz Dulce: Millie Barfoot 0, John Martin 2, Will Harper 2, Pedro Harrison 4. Total: 8.

Hickstead: John Bunn 0, Harry Muddle 2, Niall Donnelly 4, Ben Sim 2. Total: 8.

21 Century: David Spragg 0, Boyd Allen 1, Ollie Cork 3, Ed Hitchman 4. Total: 8.

Bamboleo: Christian Staubach 0, William Millard 0, Nick Johnson 3, Glenn Sherriff 5. Total: 8.

White Crane: Jasmine Calvert-Ansari 0, Harry Revell 2, Terence Lent 2, Andrew Blake Thomas 4. Total: 8.

Sea Breeze: Wilf Fine 0, Angus Rowan Hamilton 1, Nick Clague 3, Henry Fisher 4. Total: 8.


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