Silkbank, Lahore Polo: Club organises Interclub Polo Championship

LAHORE: Silkbank in collaboration with Lahore Polo & Country Club conduct this Press conference at Qutb al-Din Aibak’s tomb to kick off its first ever Interclub Polo Championship happening at LPCC.

The idea is to revive the memory of Sultan Qutb al-Din Aibak and his love for Polo. As he was the one who invented the king of all games & was the most avid player of Polo.

Silkbank is positive in partnering itself with Polo in times to come. This would be a fitting partnership as Polo continues, as it has done for so long, to represent the pinnacle of sport, and reaffirms the special bond between horse and rider. The feeling of many of its players are epitomized by a famous verse inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan: “Let others play at other things. The king of games is still the game of kings.”

Silkbank Interclub Polo Championship officially begins from 11, November 2019 to 17, November 2019. The event is sponsored by Silkbank Credit Card and Flexi Munafa Term Deposit.

Silkbank look forward to build a long term association with Polo & will provide its support in keeping the oldest recorded game in known history alive.****

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