Sotogrande Begins

Play commences in sunny Spain

Now the high goal season has drawn to a close in the UK, attentions now turn to Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande, Spain, with the world’s best polo stars taking to the pristine fields throughout August for the 48th Torneo Internacional Mansion de Polo.The Bronze Cup Finals have already taken place; The Copa de Bronce Heineken 0.0 de Alto on Sunday 28 July saw Dos Lunas defeat La Indiana 9-7, The Copa de Bronce Heineken 0.0 de Mediano on Friday 2 August in which Ayala defeated Brunei 10-8 and The Copa de Bronce Isolas 1892 on Thursday 1 August, which saw Rhone Hill defeated by Stripes 8-7. The Medium Goal Final was a close affair, in which the score was tied on numerous occasions, but in the fifth and sixth chukka, Ayala finally broke ahead to win. The Mayor of San Roque, Juan Carlos Ruíz Boix, presented the teams with their prizes.Play continues this week with The Silver Cups underway across all levels. The Royal Bliss Copa de Plata Mediano, with the Final scheduled to take place on Friday 16 August. At the end of the first weekend of play, Cotton House have secured their first win against Esso, 9-3, with play continuing this week. In the Copa de Plata Bajo (4-7 goal), La Clarita, Finca Monasterio, Rhone Hill and La Esperanza have all secured their first wins of the tournament, with play continuing on Wednesday 7 August and the Final also scheduled for Friday 16 August.The Copa de Bronce Heineken 0.0 de Alto Final Teams:Dos Lunas (19): Pascual Sáinz de Vicuña (5), Luis Domecq (1), Joaquín Pittaluga (8) & Martín Iturraspe (5)La Indiana (20): Michael Bickford (2), Bautista Ortiz de Urbina (6), Gonzalo Pieres (9) & Rosendo Torreguitar (3)The Copa de Bronce Heineken 0.0 de Mediano Final Teams:Ayala (14): Iñigo Zobel (0), Mackensi Weiss (3), Lucas James (7) & Santiago Goméz Romero (4)Brunei (14): Princess Azemah (0), Matias Gonzalez (3), Guillermo Wellington (7) & Benjamin Panelo (4)The Copa de Bronce Isolas 1892 Final Teams: Stripes (6): Fernando De la Infiesta (0), Pascual Álvarez (1), Yago Espinosa de los Monteros (2) & Rosendo Torreguitar (3)Rhone Hill (6): Patrick Heffron (0), Nicolás López Fuentes (3), Gonzalo López Vargas (4) & Charles Heffron (-1) Photograph: Ayala secure The Copa de Bronce Mediano against Brunei. Courtesy of Snoopy Productions/Santa María Polo Club

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