The 48° Torneo Internacional de Polo, comprised by the Bronze Cup, Silver Cup and Gold Cup, continues at Santa María Polo Club, in Sotogrande, Spain.

The final of the second competition was determined on Wednesday August 14 as Brunei and MB Polo will go for the high goal Silver Cup (20 goals) on Saturday August 17 at 6,30pm.

MB Polo captured the first ticket to the final, after a hard fought 10-9 win over Dos Lunas, with a goal by Polito Pieres in the last seconds of play. Meanwhile, Brunei defeated Bardon 12-9.

BRUNEI: Bahar Jefri 1, Camilo Castagnola 5, Santi Stirling 3, Juan Martín Nero 10. Total: 19.

MB POLO: Prince Mateen 0, Tomás Panelo 4, Polito Pieres 9, Tommy Beresford 6. Total: 19.

MEDIUM GOAL (14 goal):

The final of the medium goal Silver Cup, will take place on Friday August 16, and will see Ayala and Royal Salute facing each other.

The match is due on Los Pinos ground, at 7pm.

AYALA: Iñigo Zobel 0, Mackenzie Weisz 3, Lucas James 7, Santiago Gómez Romero 4. Total: 14.

ROYAL SALUTE: Rafael Cabezas 0, Jamie Le Hardy 4, Diogo Gallego 5, Malcolm Borwick 5. Total: 14.

LOW GOAL (6 goal):

The low goal Silver Cup will be decided onl mithe same day prior to the medium goal final. The game will be played on Los Pinos ground at 5,30pm.

RHONE HILL: Patrick Heffron 0, Nicolás Lopez Fuentes 3, Gonzalo López Vargas 4, Jemima Heffron -1. Total: 6.

LA ESPERANZA: Fernando De Infiesta 0, Pascual Álvarez 1, Yago Espinoza 2, Rosendo Torreguitar 3. Total: 6.

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