St. Catherine’s Moorlands retained Copa Santa Paula

St. Catherine’s Moorlands defeated Cardenal Newman A (who received 3,5 goals on handicap), and won their second consecutive Copa Santa Paula, the tournament for high school students, after the final played at Palermo (ground 2), on Tuesday. Moorlands, the defending champions, claimed their 13th. consecutive title, and they are approaching Champagnat School, who won this traditional competition 17 times.

Moorlands featured a lineup that had three of last year’s winning members – Cruz Heguy, Nicolás Díaz Alberdi and Aliko Agote.

Following this, Los Médanos took a 7,5 – 2 win over Miguel Di Gerónimo, and took the Subsidiary Zeus Cup.


FINAL COPA SANTA PAULA: St. Catherine’s Moorlands A 6-4.5 Newman A

St. Catherine’s Moorlands A: Lucas Ferrari Torres 1 (1 goal), Nicolás Díaz Alberdi 3, Cruz Heguy 3 (5, 3 penalties), Aliko Agote 4. Total: 11.

Cardenal Newman A: Javier Uranga 1, Santiago Llavallol 2 (1 penalty), Santiago Di Paola 1, Manuel Novillo Astrada 3. Total: 7.

Score St. Catherine’s Moorlands A: (0-3.5) 1-3.5, 3-3.5, 5-3.5, 6-3.5, 6-4.5.

Umpire: Julio Bensadón.


FINAL COPA ZEUS: Los Médanos 7.5-2 Miguel Di Gerónimo

Los Médanos: Fermín Prado 0, Tomás Delfino 0, Baltazar Jauretche 0, Manuel Prado 1 (6 goals, 3 penalties). Total: 1.

Miguel Di Gerónimo: Mora Erdozia 0, Máximo Lanz 0, Ignacio Arbelbide 3, Facundo García Grossi 0 (2 goals). Total: 3.

Score Los Médanos: (1.5-0) 2.5-0, 3.5-2, 4.5-2, 7.5-2.

Umpire: Julio Bensadón.



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