USPA Umpires, LLC is continuing the Professional Umpire Management Program’s (PUMP) umpire initiative. Member Clubs hosting a USPA National or Circuit event 8-goals or below, may be eligible to receive a professional umpire. The program will cover the cost of travel, housing and salary for one umpire.


  • Clubs hosting USPA National or Circuit Events, (outdoor and/or arena), 8 goals or below, may be eligible to receive a professional umpire for up to (3) tournaments per year. (Sanctioned Events do not qualify)
  • Tournaments must have a minimum of (4) teams participating.
  • Clubs must reserve an umpire with a minimum of 14 days notice prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Clubs must pay a $500 fee (per tournament), before an umpire will be scheduled. Clubs will receive (1) umpire per tournament, and all their expenses will be paid by USPA Umpires, LLC: travel, hotel and salary. Only games played in the specified tournament, will be covered under the $500 fee. Additional club or tournament games will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Tournament must be played and completed within 10 consecutive days.
  • Clubs must follow USPA Tournament Conditions and USPA Rules and Policies. Outdoor tournaments must have two mounted umpires, plus a referee. All players participating in the tournament must be current members of the USPA.
  • Clubs that have already acquired a professional umpire under contract, will be credited for games played. Club requests for credit will not be considered or accepted after 60 days of the tournament end date.
  • Umpires are limited, and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. 

    For further assistance, please contact Maggie Mitchell (941) 928-4600 or

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