Teams & fixtures confirmed for the III Women’s Argentine Open

For a third year in a row, the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP) is set to host the Women’s Argentine Open. This year sees six teams up to 30-goals compete (ladies handicap). The tournament begins on December 2; the final is due on December 14 and will be played prior to the Men’s 126° Argentine Open final.

The championship will see the top female players in the world compete, such as Hazel Jackson, Lía Salvo, Milagros and Candelaria Fernández Araujo, Mía Cambiaso, Milagros Sánchez, Dawn Jones, Sarah Wiseman, Fátima Balzano and Mía Novillo Astrada.

The Women’s Argentine Open is the most important female tournament in the world, since it is the only one that is played with an open format, with no handicap limit.


Monday December 2nd, at La Ensenada:

2pm: La Ensenada vs La Dolfina Brava

4pm: El Overo Z7 UAE vs La Victoria

Wednesday December 4th, at AAP Pilar:

3pm: La Dolfina Amanara vs La Ensenada

5pm: Santa María de Lobos vs La Victoria

Saturday December 7th, at AAP Pilar:

11am: La Dolfina Brava vs La Dolfina Amanara

11am: El Overo Z7 UAE vs Santa María de Lobos

Monday December 9th, at AAP Pilar:

3 & 5pm: Quarterfinals.

Wednesday December 11th, at AAP Pilar:

3 & 5pm: Semifinals.

Saturday December 14th, at Palermo’s Field 2:




LA DOLFINA BRAVA: Milagros Sánchez 7, Milagros Fernández Araujo 7, Mia Cambiaso 7, Candelaria Fernández Araujo 8. Total: 29.

LA DOLFINA AMANARA: María Bellande 6, Sol López Llames 5, Paola Martínez 8, María Laura Giménez 6. Total: 25.

LA ENSENADA: Uneku Atawodi – Edun 4, Fátima Balzano 6, Mía Novillo Astrada 6, Inés Lalor 6. Total: 22.


EL OVERO Z7 UAE: Clara Cassino 7, Millie Hine 4, Hazel Jackson 10, Lía Salvo 9.  Total: 30.

SANTA MARÍA DE LOBOS: Dawn Jones 6, Emma Tomlinson 5, Tamara Fox 7, Sarah Wiseman 7. Total: 25.

LA VICTORIA: Stephanie Haverhals 4, Sofía C. Sciutto 4, Maitena Marré 4, Sofía Lorenzo 4. Total: 16.

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